Pressure Vessel Calculation Software (VES)

P3 Engineering develops software for the mechanical design of pressure vessels according to (inter)national standards.
Code compliance

Code compliance

ASME VIII Division 1 / TEMA
EN 13445-3 / AD 2000 Regelwerk
Rules for Pressure Vessels

VES Standard data

Easy accessible standards
Mechanical material properties
Pipe and Fitting dimensions

VES Reference Guide

Directly accessible input
Quickly switch between standards
Clear design analysis
Heat exchangers

TEMA compliance

Automated mechanical design
Fast prototyping!
HTRI bdo import

  • ASME VIII Division 1
  • EN 13445-3
  • AD 2000 Regelwerk
  • Rules for Pressure Vessels
  • TEMA Heat Exchangers
  • WRC Local loads on thin walls
  • Materials
  • Pipes
  • Flanges
  • Bolting
  • Gaskets
  • Many others
  • Metric units
  • Quick access to standards
  • Spreadsheet like environment
  • Error highlighting
  • Validation reports
  • Export to MS Excel
  • Automated mechanical design
  • Fast prototyping!
  • TEMA compliance
  • ASME VIII Division 1
  • HTRI bdo import
  • DXF setting plan

Code compliance.
Switch quickly!

In VES you can quickly switch between pressure vessel calculation modules. From the selected module, VES automatically loads the relevant calculations for the vessel components.

Supported norms in VES

Heat exchangers.
Fast prototyping!

TEMA tube and shell heat exchangers

The TEMA Shell & Tube heat exchanger module automatically calculates a complete mechanical design. The design module generates a clear report with dimensions and a scaled drawing. For fast prototyping a HTRI bdo file can be imported.

Standard data.
Easy access!

ASME B16.5 Flange

Standardized data for materials, gaskets, pipes and flanges are directly accessible from the calculation to support quick and accurate incorporation into the mechanical design.

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